The end of online video calls

Prince Phillip would end his video calls by simply shutting his laptop.

I feel video calling services should utilise AI to detect the sudden waving and vocal madness that occurs at the end of a majority of calls and fade the volume and screen to black?

This would avoid the awkwardness of then having to stop waving and shouting '...byeeee' only to see the other person searching for the end call button. Customisation would be the next level whereby users can tweak their 'End of call' (EoC) settings and create fun ways to end calls.

This would make for great invisible UX and would become industry standard Paid services like zoom could also then automate a call-to-action at the end of the call like leave a review/testimonial, send a thank you etc.


What about 'In-call transitions' and live editing to make video calls feel more like YouTube or TV (GoPro's AI editing is surprisingly decent)